How to make my acne scars vanished

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my website. So in today’s video, I want to share to you guys how I relieve my… acne scars naturally.

Some of you had been realized that my face are much cleaner, the acne scars had been… quite vanished if you compare it with the old me, about one until two months ago, when I had serious breakouts around here. Actually, I want to share this since about 2 weeks ago because most of you had been questioning ‘Come on update, come on tell us how to relieve… the acne scars’ since the results are obviously seen. Well I actually wanted to share with you guys but at that time I still wasn’t sure with the products, I wasn’t sure… is it the one that make my acne scars vanished. Well now, I’m 100% sure, it’s because of this product.

Okay so, I only use one product. This products is also natural. And it’s quite easy to find. Well the product is Rosehip Oil. Why Rosehip oil? So about 2 months ago, I just found a Youtube channel, with the name Liah Yoo. If you guys have acne prone skin, you guys surely have to… watch her. Since my life has changed because of her. I’ll put Liah’s link on the description box. So if you want to watch her, just directly check the description box Okay first, before I start, why Rosehip Oil, why I use it, I want to answers your questions on DM. Is it okay if your face is oily, but… you cure it with oil? The answer is it’s okay. I was same with you guys, I also had the same thought. Before I watch Liah’s video, what’s on my brain is always like… Since my skin type is oily, combination, if I use oil, it definitely becomes more oily. Right? Some of you surely have the same thought.

But evidently, after I watch Liah’s video, I was wrong. Since we’re, the one who have oily skin… we surely feel uncomfortable if our skin is oily, we’ll think it doesn’t clean, it feels dirty. So when we clean our face, we do it too much until it feels rough. Well, since we… clean our face too much, until it’s super dry… Emm, our skin has this kind of thought… Oh this person definitely will clean her face until it’s dry. I don’t want… her face becomes lacks of natural oil. That’s why our skin produce the oil overtime… produce oil over and over again so… our face are not lacks of oil. So that’s why we use oil to trick our skin. So by slowly using oil, on our face, it will think ‘Oh this one has enough mineral oil, so I don’t have to work overtime… to produce more oil.’ So, well, I’ll only produce the oil sufficiently. I don’t have to produce more, since there are enough oil on her face. Like that… Actually before I use oil to treat my face, my face is super duper oily, and sometimes it also can be dry. My skin type is oily combination. So sometimes it is super dry, sometimes it’s super oily. So it is not stable. Once it’s oily, you surely can… ewhh… fried an egg with them. But when it’s dry, my face is exfoliated by itself.

Well now, when my face is oily, it’s not as bad as before. The point is the oil is standard, it’s not too much like until… until it becomes too oily. Now I also follow all of Liah’s suggestions. When… emm I wake up, I only wash my face with water, I don’t use facial wash. Then after that I use toner. Well at night, since I wear full make up during the day, well I do… the full face cleansing. Okay, now second, why Rosehip oil? So before we discuss about Rosehip oil, I want to explain first that… oil is divided into two types, first, the one with high oleic acid, and second, oils with low oleic acid. Oleic acid also can be called as fatty acid. The function is for moisturizing, and it’s also richer, and it’s also heavier. Usually, the molecule of this oil is too big for our oily face. That’s why if we use oils that contain… high fatty acid or high oleic acid, it will feels, like, greasy. Our face feels super wet, super oily, since the oil cannot be absorbed to our skin. It only stays on our skin surface. So for the oils that contain high oleic acid, it’s super suitable for you guys who have dry skin.

Here is the list for oils with high fatty acid. Well now for us who has oily skin, we use… oil with… low fatty acid. Since the fatty acid is low, so the function of it becomes the opposite of the one with high fatty acid. The oil is drier. not too rich, not too heavy, the molecule is also smaller. So it’s easier to be absorbed. Well here is also the list for oil with low fatty acid. Well now why I choose the Rosehip oil? First, since it’s the easiest to find here, in Indonesia. I purchased it online, I bought it at Indoganic is not sponsored me. Accidentally, when I searched this Rosehip oil, the indoganic’s website that was pop out… Well so inside this Rosehip oil, it contains retinoic acid. Retinoic acid is often used on acne prone’s skincare.

Since the function of it is for cells regeneration… to pull out the blackhead and also to prevent acne. But from my own experience, I think for pulling out the blackhead, it doesn’t work. Since I feel like my blackhead is still as much as before. But for preventing the acne, yes it is. What I feel is, my acne scars has been… much more vanished. I still had acne but not as many as before. Usually, they’re like… Brak, right? So many in a row. Now they’re only about 2-3, when I’m on my period. Well, and also, this Rosehip oil is a dry oil. So it can be absorbed deep inside our skin. So it can stimulate the collagen from the inside. Okay. Now how I use it. So I usually use the Rosehip oil as my last skincare, after I use moisturizer. But sometimes I still like to use the oil first, then I use the moisturizer. So it’s up to you guys, up to your preferences.

On the earlier week I bought it, when I wanted to test is it the right skincare for my skin or not, At that time, I mix the moisturizer with 2 drops of Rosehip Oil… then I apply it on my face. And I try it for about a week and I think, I don’t feel those itchy feeling, or any redness, or burning or sore feeling. The point is, it doesn’t cause any side effect on my skin. Then after that, after a week after I think, ‘Oh it’s okay for my skin’, like that, I decided to use it alone without mixing it. So, sometimes I use the oil first… Sometimes I use the moisturizer first then I use the oil. For how much I use it, usually I only put one drop here, here, here, and here. Then I blend it to all over my face. And if you guys have those kind of feeling like… ‘Oh my face becomes red’, or else ‘it feels itchy’, or the point is it ca… it causes… emm unwanted effects, I suggest you to stop using it. Since I think, what a pity if you continue, love your skin. Back to the statement ‘Find the right skincare for you.’

Just because we have the same skin type… doesn’t mean the right skincare for me is suitable for you. Like that. So rather than we got the… unwanted result, rather than the acne becomes worse or probably you have breakouts, so we better, it’s better to stop. Well, alright guys, so this is the end of the video. Hopefully this video helps you guys, who are struggling to clean your face from acne or from acne scars. Hopefully this video helps you. So thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. And I’ll see you on the next video. Babay…

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